H.Y.P.E. Nation Inc.    

            "Helping Youth Prepare for Excellence" through Mind|Body|Sisterhood

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  • Heart Ambassador
Mrs. Erica Annise
    Heart Ambassador Mrs. Erica Annise
  • Our Angel's Heart Story Honorees.
    Our Angel's Heart Story Honorees.
  • 2018 Health Awareness Competition
    2018 Health Awareness Competition
  • Senior Princess ~ Deja Fulcher
    Senior Princess ~ Deja Fulcher
  • Annual Fun Walk!
    Annual Fun Walk!
  • I AM Strength in sisterhood.
    I AM Strength in sisterhood.
  • DIVAS Toolbox Self-love workshops.
    DIVAS Toolbox Self-love workshops.
Heart Ambassador
Mrs. Erica Annise
Heart Ambassador Mrs. Erica Annise


H.Y.P.E. Nation Incorporated

(Home of H.Y.P.E. KIDZ) 

Our purpose is to:

  • Educate, empower, equip, and strengthen all generations of girls and women through mind, body, and sisterhood.


Our mission is to:

  • Exercise, promote, and protect the privileges and interests of the community

  • Foster a healthy interest and relationship with women raising girls in the community

  • Provide health education on childhood obesity and the importance of raising healthy girls through provided activities and promotions of awareness and involvement
  • Develop a grassroots movement that will get women and girls conscious, intentional, present, and empowered about their heart health, physical and mental well-being
  • Develop, enrich and empower girls and women

  • Create an avenue for Mothers and Daughters to unite through collaboration of Mind, Body and Sisterhood
  • Help young girls to receive a higher education globally by promoting literacy education
  • Increase the motivation of  girls through personal development enrichment

  • Provide scholarships, awards and sustenance grants

  • Sponsor seminars and programs that are actively engaged in promoting training and educational activities to the youth.


 Our vision is to: 

  • Strengthen mother and daughter relationships worldwide through a supportive community collaboration of other mothers and daughters so that all families can have one place to gain enrichment, empowerment, and support in influencing, and raising smart, strong, and healthy girls.


Over 10 years of distinguished and recognized community service 
"Thank You"

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